About us

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Our Vision
In an age where smooth communication within the tri-part relationship of patient, medical provider and insurance company is increasingly complex, we seek to streamline these interactions. With a smart, user- friendly and secure device for the effortless access, transfer, and sharing of electronic medical data, we offer full portability and seamless interoperability of the online electronic medical record.

The Problem

The lack of EMR portability leads to an estimated waste of about $800 per insured individual per year, primarily due to redundant testing, inaccurate data and expensive, often injurious delays due to excess or error-prone paperwork. Currently, patients present paper insurance ID cards to the medical facility, a medium that can be fraudulently abused. In addition, the insured is often treated by a combination of physicians and specialists who use neither full nor precise medical record-keeping for insurance purposes. This poor-quality healthcare methodology not only frustrates their policy holders but represents measurable and unnecessary ongoing expense.


Our “Smart Insurance Kard” serves to instantly connect a patient and healthcare provider to all medical records and insurance coverage data, stored both in the cloud-based Electronic Medical Record (EMR) database, as well as on the card itself (for instance of internet failure in remote or disaster-hit locations). Using encryption and biometric identification, patients and their insurers can be sure that they have the information they need, instantly, to expedite effective treatment. This efficiency leads to concrete savings through the reduction of incorrect or redundant treatment, which in turn translates to a clear ROI on the investment. Our product leverages industry-standard SMART on FHIR technologies for updating data, making it plug-and-play ready to integrate into any medical data infrastructure.